How Are We Doing - Fill out our survey for a Free Bowl.

The food was served hot and fresh?

The quality of food was excellent?

My order was correct and complete?

Employees were friendly and helpful?

The food is a good value for the price paid

The menu was easy to read and made ordering simple

The restaurant’s appearance was clean inside and outside

I would recommend this restaurant to my friends and family

I would consider having my next event or business meeting catered by this restaurant

Did you know you can create your own rice bowl? Choose your size with meat and sauce combination and have it served on top of whichever base you decide – white rice, brown rice, fried rice or noodles, then add your choice of veggies; stir-fried or steamed mixed, or broccoli only. Even add green onions if you like. Decide how you want it, then we make it happen!

I was introduced to the Loyalty Club Card for frequent diners

I am aware of specials, discounts, and coupons available

The time of day I visited the restaurant was between:

I visited this restaurant because:

I visit this restaurant because it’s close to:

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